12 04 2021

The Portage Kayak races and Waka Ama races are back! We missed them in 2020 and now they are back with renewed vigour!


These are iconic races on the paddling calendar, not to be missed.

Event information


LONG COURSE – see red line on map below
Leg 1: Kayak 10 km from Picton Foreshore to Torea Bay.
Leg 2: Portage 2km Torea Bay to Portage Bay (Portage Complex)
Leg 3: Kayak 7km Portage Bay to Te Mahia Bay,
Leg 4: Portage 3km Te Mahia Bay to Mistletoe Bay
Leg 5: Kayak 10km Mistletoe Bay to Picton Foreshore.

Leg 1: Kayak 10 km from Picton Foreshore to Torea Bay (neutral return to Picton ie 20km total paddling)

Race Start and Finish is on the Picton Foreshore
Registration: 7.45am – 8.00am
Briefing: 8:20am
Race Start – Staggered by Category: 9.00am – 9:20am
Prize Giving will follow the race finish (approx. 1:30pm) at Le Café.

• For safety reasons, all contestants must wear safety approved life jackets on all paddle
• Kayaks must contain 20 litre minimum buoyancy.
• All contestants must carry or wear a wind-proof jacket.
• Kayaks cannot be carried on trolley carts or any vehicle except for Recreation division where
trolleys may be used and/or share portage.
• Wash hanging is permitted.
• The Race Director reserves the right to combine classes if insufficient competitors in any class.

• Paddlers must assist other competitors if requested or needed.
• Contestants must obey the directions of the race officials.
• There will be support boats on all paddle sections.
• It is each paddler’s responsibility to ensure they paddle a kayak appropriate for their ability and
the sea and weather conditions on the day. This is an ocean paddle and therefore it can be windy and choppy, with swells.
• Spray decks and airbags are recommended.


Extreme weather conditions such as high wind and/or rain that jeopardise the safety of paddlers may lead to cancellation/postponement of the race, or changing the course.  Event organisers will endeavour to inform all entrants of this by email by 8pm the day before the event or as early as possible on the day.

Open Men / Open Women / Vet Men (40+) / Vet Women (40+)
Singles/ Doubles / Single Recreation (using wheels to portage) / Double Recreation (using wheels to portage)
Entry Fees:
Full Course $40.00 Per Person
10 km $30.00 Per Person
Plus Late Entry Fee: $10.00 on the day (Regular entries close 12 April 2021)


Event information


20km: Mabel Island to Torea Bay to Torapapa Point to Picton Foreshore – see yellow line on map below

This is the main event for W6 crews

10 km from Picton Foreshore to Torea Bay (and neutral 10km return to Picton) – see red line on map below

This is open to OC1W1, OC2/W2 and W6 crews

Race Start and Finish is on the Picton Foreshore
Registration: 7.45am – 8.00am
Briefing: 8:20am
Race Start – Staggered by Category: 9.00am – 9:20am
Prize Giving will follow the race finish (approx. 1:30pm) at Le Café.

Skipper or kaihäutu responsibilities

The skipper or kaihäutu should be identified or nominated before any voyage is undertaken. In the absence of a nominated skipper, the person who is steering is usually regarded as the skipper or kaihäutu. The skipper or kaihäutu is responsible for assessing risk to the vessel and crew, and carries the burden of responsibility for his or her decisions.

The skipper or kaihäutu must:

  • Be designated before the event/voyage
  • Be conversant with and understand Waka Ama Safety Rules
  • Check that each paddler has a PFD on board that fits them and decide when conditions require the crew to put them on.
  • Know all the crew’s capabilities for paddling and swimming, and their medical needs.
  • Make sure the group has all the equipment listed in the equipment section.
  • Ensure all paddlers are appropriately clothed, with hats and thermal clothing if the conditions require it.
  • Have sufficient water supplies for hydration.
  • Determine whether the conditions require a spray skirt to be fitted.
  • A full waka and equipment check prior to the event/ voyage.
  • Attend the event briefing given by the Portage Event Director.
  • A full briefing about the event/voyage is given to all of the crew.
  • Ensure all paddlers sign the EVENT WAIVER and AUTHORITY FORM (link below)

Required Safety Equipment

  • PFDs:  must be available for all those aboard a waka. PFDs must be worn at all times unless the skipper considers that no risk exists.
  • Communication:  (W1/2 and W6) – 1x Cellphone or VHF radio in Waterproof Bag and 1x Flare. These must be operational prior to the event start.
  • 2 x bailers per W6, 1x bailer per W1/2 (exempt W1/2 which are sit on top or self-draining designs).
  • 2 x spare paddles per W6, 1x spare paddle per W1/2.  These should be securely lashed to the waka and one should be strong enough to steer with.
  • 1x man overboard throw bag.
  • 1 x 25 – 30m tow Rope attached to Waka (exempt – W1/2).
  • Repair kit: 1x recommended. Should include spare rubber lashing, duct tape, bungs and a tow rope.
  • Spray skirt(s): As required and dependent on weather and water conditions.  Skipper to make decision if to use or not.

Paddler capability/skills

All paddler must:

  • Be capable of handling their waka in any conditions;
  • Be able to swim and be comfortable in any conditions;
  • Be trained in and capable of self-rescue techniques (e.g. righting a capsized Waka Ama);
  • Have an adequate degree of skill and fitness to enable them to finish the race in any conditions  that might be expected;
  • Be dressed for the expected conditions;
  • Carry (or have easy access to) adequate food and drink.

Course markers/buoys

  • Waka Ama must turn counter-clockwise around them. 
  • The team number must be given to an Event Marshall where they are located.


Extreme weather conditions such as high wind and/or rain that jeopardise the safety of paddlers may lead to cancellation/postponement of the race, or changing the course.  Event organisers will endeavour to inform all entrants of this by email by 8pm the day before the event or as early as possible on the day.


20km W6 Men      20km W6 Women      20km W6 Mixed     10km W1      10km W2       10km W6

ENTRY FEES               $20 per person                         

                                    Plus Late Entry Fee of $10.00 on the day (Regular entries close 12 April 2021)

For further information contact:

Andrea:  ph 027 4518 577

Portage Kayak Race Results 2019

18 06 2019

Portage Race Split times Results 2019

Waka Ama Results 2019

Annual General Meeting 2018

19 10 2018


The Marlborough Triathlon and Multisport Club has it’s annual General Meeting coming up. If you want to have your say, or hear about what’s happening with the club, we’d love to see you there.

7.30pm Tuesday 30 October 2018
Fairweathers – 36 Scott Street, Blenheim
Great company, discussion and supper all provided

Portage Kayak Race Results 2018

24 05 2018

Race Results Kayak Portage 2018

Waka Ama Picton Races Results 2018

Twin Rivers Kayak Race 2017

21 08 2017

2017 Results

Junior.1 Edan Fitzpatrick 2:00:08 Open Men. 1 Reid Forrest 1:38:17 2 Thomas Walsh 1:53:54 Open Women 1 Hannah Johnston 2:07:04 K1 1 Dave Fernandez 1:45:31 Vets 1 Ian Martella 1;46:56 2 Michael Fitzpatrick 2:00:05 Masters 1 John Blackmore 1:45:40 2 Mark Bryant 1:54:30 Classics 1 Keith Alderson 1:51:01 Double Ski Nick and Carole Webby 1:45:01017 Results


The Twin Rivers Kayak race  is on Saturday 16 September 2017 from the Blenheim Rowing Sheds to Riverside Park in Blenheim. The 20km flat water race is one of the club’s oldest races and is always popular with local and away paddlers who are keen to kick start their summer season or make the most of the effects of the hard work training in the dark over winter.

The course is 5km down the Wairau River and then 15 km up the Opawa River assisted by the incoming tide.

Download an entry form here:

Twin Rivers Kayak Race Entry Form 2017

For further information contact:  Nick Webby 0277157717 or Marty Martella 0272299077


Marlborough Sounds Waka Ama Races 2017

11 04 2017


This will be the 4th year that Waka Ama races will be held in conjunction with the Portage Kayak Race. While the kayakers race from the Picton foreshore to the Kenepuru Sound and back via Torea Bay and Onahau Bay, the W1 and W2 crews will race 10km from Picton foreshore to Torea Bay (with a neutral bunch paddle back to Picton). The W6 crews will race 20 km from Mabel Island to Torea Bay and Torapapa Point and back to Picton.

Download race info here


Waka Ama Results 2016

Portage Kayak Race 2017

11 04 2017

The 2017 Portage Kayak Race is confirmed for Saturday 20 May. This iconic race which involves 27km of kayaking in the Marlborough Sounds and 5km of portaging, is in it’s 28th Year.

Download full race info here

PORTAGE KAYAK RACE info sheet 2017


Race Map

Leg 1:  Kayak 10 km from Picton Foreshore to Torea Bay.

Leg 2:  Portage 2km Torea Bay to Portage Bay (Portage Complex)

Leg 3:  Kayak 7km Portage Bay to Te Mahia Bay,

Leg 4:  Portage 3km Te Mahia Bay to Mistletoe Bay

Leg 5:  Kayak 10km Mistletoe Bay to Picton Foreshore.

Le Cafe logoMartellaCallahan & MartellaFlow


Wairau River 5k Race Report

30 01 2017

Tuesday night racers elected to paddle the Wairau River for change from the Opawa Blast. Conditions were favourable for quick times with both a tailwind and a good riverflow for the 5km downstream paddle. The warm evening caused some localised overheating, with one paddler deciding to take a cooling dip on the way up to the start from the Ferry Bridge.

First in was Paul Bourgeois, closely followed by a fit and fast Ian Martella. Hot on his heels was Nick Webby, followed by David Bullivant showing good form in his surfski. Recent K1 convert Thomas Walsh conquered the swirls and eddies, looking comfortable and continuing his improvement in a challenging boat. Next in was Tim McFarlane just edging out Carole Webby by a nose. Mandy McFarlane was the next racer, finishing in a strong time, and coming in a few hundred metres ahead of the very visible craft paddled by Murray Gane.

With the racers in sight of each other for almost all of the race, competition and motivation was high.


Mandy McFarlane  26.19

Carole Webby   24.42

Thomas Walsh   23.46

Murray Gane      22.54

David Bullivant  22.53

Nick Webby        21.55

Ian Martella        21.20

Paul Bourgeois  19.40



Opawa Blast Results 13 December 2016

14 12 2016


A strong head wind on the upstream paddle, along with a lot of chopped up weed made for  tough conditions in Tuesday nights Opawa Blast.

Mandy McFarlane was first off on 10 minutes, paddling her ski, Mandy had a good paddle with the field chasing hard, catching her on the turn. The group of Allan Martella, Mike Pike, Thomas Walsh & Tim McFarlane stayed in touch thru out the race. This was Thomas’s fist outing in his new his new green Vadja K1.

Murray “granddad” Gane (two minutes) joined the scratch bunch of Nick Webby & Ian Martella on the start line, Ian & Nick worked hard on each other’s wash on the down river section giving them a slight advantage. Murray showed some old cunning and fortitude and managed to stay in touch.


Ian Martella        31:20:00

Nick Webby          31:37:00

Murray Gane         33:32:00

Allan Martella      37.10:00

Thomas Walsh        38:21:00

Tim McFarlane       35:48:00

Michael Pike        36:10:00

Manday McFarlane    47:08:00

Marlborough Multisport Series 2017

3 12 2016


This summer, the Marlborough Triathlon and Multisport Club are again partnering with Transition Events  to present the Marlborough Multisport Series.  This series incorporates our three iconic events held in the Marlborough Sounds each summer.

The series is designed so that distances in each event are roughly the same and they incorporate interesting and challenging courses. In an effort to encourage new people to have a go, the paddle section of each event has been reduced to 4km, meaning that the experts can have a super fast hit out, but beginners can achieve the distance on most types of paddling craft.

You can choose either the swim tri or kayak tri option, individual or team.

Entries are open now! So what are you waiting for? Get entered, get training, have fun and we’ll see you on the start line!

Click for more info on the Marlborough Multisport series.

Tuesday Kayak Sprints Race Report

26 10 2016


Kayak Sprint Results 25 November 2016

In near perfect conditions Tuesday night, kayak sprints were held at the Blenheim rowing club. Tide was outgoing with a slight Nor West wind and a slight ripple on the water. River flow was approx. 50 cumecs which made for fast racing times. Time keeping was Tim McFarlane and Ian MacAlpine  

Girls started first, with some close finishes between all three in the 200 meter sprints with Abbie doing well in her first race. Carol I’m sure you won’t mind me telling everyone you were trying that hard you had a swim in your fourth heat. 

Next up was the mens multisport with a mixture of multisport boats and skis. Murray Gane showed his cunning that comes with age (Grandad) with some good finishes, whilst Thomas showed that his latest training paid off especially in the longer 500-meter discipline. Mike Pike shared the “submarine award” with Carol having a swim in his 3rd heat. Some close times across the board with even the 69 year old Martella being competitive. Dave Bullivant pulled out the power in the short race but was out manoeuvred in the longer version.

In the k1 section, Paul Bourgeois and Matt Loveridge showed why they are some of NZs best paddlers with an awesome display of power and technique. Marty and Nick Webby hatched a plan that pulled them back with some start line readjustments with and a handicap being applied to Matt and Paul, it made for some exciting and close racing. Well done to Matt having started back in his boat after a recent injury.

 Well done to all racers for competing, hopefully we might see FATS [AKA Dave Fernandez] back along with some of the school kids which would be great.

Next sprint racing to be Tuesday November 22nd at 17:00 hours, some volunteers will be required for time keeping duties.


Club AGM 18 October 2016

27 09 2016

The Marlborough Triathlon & Multisport Club AGM

Date: Tuesday 18 October, 7.30pm

Venue: Fairweathers, Scott Street, Blenheim

Come along and share any thoughts you might have on what the club is up to, have a drink or three if you think it’ll improve your general knowledge in the famous Quiz and share some laughs.

All existing and intending members and interested parties are welcome, and it would be great to get lots of people along to consider the aims and goals of the club of the next year and beyond.

Hope to you see you there