New pool rules

28 10 2009

From the ‘believe it or not’ file, staff at our local pool have advised that new safety regulations will shortly be in force for all swimmers. From a date which has yet to be specified swimmers in lanes 1,3,5 and 7 will be required to swim in a clockwise direction while swimmers in lanes 2,4,6 and 8 will be required to swim in an anti clockwise direction [keep with this because it’s not a joke]. The reason for the change – which apparently will be enforced – is to do with health and safety and it is apparently a new OSH requirement for all pools. If everyone is swimming in one direction, say clockwise, then theoretically a swimmer in lane 1 on the home leg could conceivably hit the arm of a swimmer in lane 2 who is starting out causing bone breakage and the like. Yes, both offending arms would have to be over the lane rope at the time and whilst this may seem ‘highly unlikely’ it could be slightly more likely if both swimmers were doing butterfly. I suggested that employing the new regulations to avoid the said collision between 2 swimmers doing butterfly seems a bit extreme considering the usual clientele of the pool but nevertheless the new rules will apply shortly – in fact, just as soon as signs are made. I also queried what OSH had to say about walkers in the swim lanes as this would seem to be a far more hazardous situation (i.e in the scenario with the swimmer going straight into the walker). Apparently this aspect too will be diligently enforced with walkers being directed to keep to the public lane. What would you have thought if you were reading all this on April the 1st?




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28 10 2009

Let’s face it, most people have no idea what they are supposed to do when it comes to lane swimming. That’s why they end up two to a lane, one on each side. Signs at the end of the pool make sense. Keeping the walkers to one lane rocks.

28 10 2009
Steve Smith

A couple of comments from swimmers passed on to me about this:

Amazing, there will be far more chance for ‘arm strike’ with the new rules
as you will be swimming beside the next lane person for far longer periods
than the previous ‘risky’ cross over as we all ‘butterflied’ past the
adjacent lane….(How many people butterfly for f–k sake)
So instead of that occasional one time every tenth swim session it could be
ten times each time you go up a row with a person next lane of similar
Has there been a spate of broken arms or something?????

Me thinks it is just a government department trying desperately to justify
their existence. How many hours will be spent in the planning and
implementation of that.
Think I will write to my local MP….

Well OK, I have actually banged arms with someone in the next lane, but
that’s just because I had poor technique, fixed that pretty quick after that
. seemed to have survived intact, may got a little bruise, and maybe
swallowed a little water…..MEDIC!!!!!!!!!

28 10 2009
Martyn Crossley

Clockwise or anticlockwise I’am not a big fan of sharing a lane with anyone doing butterfly. Wearing the cycling hat is best left for the bike!

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