150km for 150yrs

2 11 2009

150 finish

About sixty bike riders took part in the Marlborough 150km Anniversary Ride today. Most riders opted to start at 8 am with only a small group setting off at 10am.

The ride took them via a scenic loop around   Ben Morvan, Hawkesbury, the Waihopai  Valley,  Conders Bend, the Onamalutu Domain,  the Tuamarina Track, or optional Rapaura road, Rarangi, the Wairau Bar, and  Vickermans Street. The start and finish were   in front of the clock tower at Seymour Square. Riders enjoyed being able to refresh and take some food at the rest area’s at the Onamalutu Domain, Rarangi and at the finish. Conditions were good with only moderate wind.

Jono Lee, Ray Dunstan and the team of BikeHQ were back first after 4hours 38 minutes, with George Looman  second after 5hours 21minutes. Almuth Waeachter, Leonie van den Bergh, Sue Binnie, Phil Binnie, J.J. Payne, Peter Pretty and Robert and Lynne Kennedy on the tandem, worked together well to finish in 5hours 28 minutes.

The event raised about $ 1200 for Mayfield Kindgarten.

Photos here.




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4 11 2009

The teaching team would like to thank personally all the organizers of this event, it was a wonderful opportunity to raise some much needed money to resource our up coming new building. This will be spent wisely on some new ICT equipment for our new building. We are thinking maybe a ceiling hang projector, and pull down screen.
We would love for this to become an annual fundraiser for the kindergarten and would support it again in the future.

3 11 2009
Steve Smith


Lots of contenders but my vote goes to young Sam Thomas who did the 150 km on just 12 year old – but very tired – legs. Reg Taylor completing yet another marathon ride would be contender for a prize in this section.

Again, lots of possibilities but my vote goes to Yasmine Gee. Her finishing certificate read 1.5 people – as you would expect – and so to do the whole ride, largely on your own, was a big effort.

Clear winner here with Sue Binnie’s accidental/double entendre (which suggested husband Phil probably finished the ride with cause to smile).

A clear winner in Martyn Crossley with 2 – and that was before the gravel section. Martyn, whats that rule about always checking the tyre to see why it punctured???….

Till next year?

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