Marlborough’s Best Places to Train – Taylor River Trail

6 11 2009

Taylor River

This is the start of a new series of posts on the best places for a multisporter to train in Marlborough. We really are spoilt for choice. Today we start with the obvious.  Spring is a great time to be on the Taylor reserve. Have you been south yet where the California poppies are in full bloom? This is no doubt our most beautiful invasive species.

If you want a flat run (or short MTB) then there is no better place. From the centre of town you can run up to 7km in one direction.

What’s more, it’s dog friendly.

If you have a suggestion for training locations on Marlborough’s trails, roads, rivers and seas, let us know in the comments section.




One response

6 11 2009
Steve Smith

Run – up the Wither Hills. Lots of variety e.g flat along the edge, steep up to Mt Vernon
Ride – up the Waihopai. Pleasant scenery and cars tend to give you a nice wide berth.

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