Steve’s Ironman update

9 11 2009

steve finishingThis week, Steve Smith starts a regular contribution to our site with his updates on his second crack at the NZ Ironman in March 2010. Steve competed for the first time this year (14:55) and has made the progression from couch potato (my words) to Ironman.    – Long day but he’s got the bug.

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Over to Steve…

Mark G reckoned I should do a blog about my training toward Ironman.

Personally I think he just wants to get inside knowledge of my training techniques but I am prepared to offer the benefit of the doubt! So, I’ll start it from 1 November and if in due course anyone cares to offer negative comment about such things as the fact that I reckon a pie and a can of coke from the Burleigh Road Dairy is absolute mana from heaven at the end of a 4 hour ride and just before starting a 30 min run … save yourself the typing time. Thats never going to change because at that point in time they both taste so good.

Thats my only secret training tip. Here’s what the last week was like.

Sunday: Not much to mention here. Didn’t do anything other than sitting in the sun at the Farmers market with Kerie, Phil and Sue B, Denise and Marc R eating omelette and some Dutch doughnut which tasted good. Marc R is a stuntman (serious one e.g Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Bourne Ultimatum etc) and, when talking about my bike crash, was the only one to ask if anyone had filmed it because he would really like to see that. Did walk home in the sun which was 30 mins. Don’t think that counts though.

Monday: Day of the Marlborough 150 so not much in the way of training this day either.

Tuesday: Bit of a jaunt in the pool. I have been doing a fair bit of swimming for obvious reasons which is as boring as ever. Pool was in a frightful state and I could have probably run the first few hundred across the debris floating in it. Knocked out 2.5 km. Felt good after the warm up so did a 1500 and then a 750 to finish.

Wednesday: First time back on the bike for a good few weeks and managed 1.5 hrs on the wind trainer and then a 30 min run split into 5 mins run/5 mins walk on the instruction of Leonie. Felt very good to be back running – God, cannot believe I have even said that! – but I was beginning to get a little panicky with the Ashburton Half Ironman fast approaching and me becoming more and more adept at lying around.

Thursday: Starting to feel better than ever so went for a very leisurely 30 min ride, then did another 2.5 km in the pool (5 x 500) and topped off with another 1.5 hrs on the wind trainer. Managed to stumble getting off bike/wind trainer which ordinarily wouldn’t be a big deal but needless to say of all the body parts that could get a nice tap – yes

– it was my sore knee. Only bits of any note were that I arrived at the pool and was checking in when the fire alarm went off. Naturally there was a bit of scurrying around and quite by chance I went and looked in the pool where life was going on as normal. I yelled to the instructor of the water aerobics to clear everyone out but she took the ‘I’m too busy’ approach so i had to go all the way round to tell her. I can now offer the following facts: 1. the fire alarm does not work in the pool area and 2. all those people you see limping and crawling to get in to do the aerobics move like greased lightning at the prospect of fire. But it was just a false alarm.

Friday: Had a 1 hr ride followed by a 1.15 run to the top of the Withers and back so feeling like I’m back to my old self. Was quite pleasant to at last not have to jump the small creeks or dodge cow poop.

Saturday: Nothing planned so just a leisurely 1 hour ride on MTB.

Sunday: Phil B and I went to Picton and did the Snout run. Never done it before so trudged up the steps with no real idea of how far it was to the end. Became a 1.45/15 km run which wasn’t too bad (easy to say that now). Then it was on to Picton for a swim. We had our wet suits and there was a suspicious lack of people even paddling in the tide and for good reason because it was damn cold. We managed about 20 mins which was a huge effort in reality because at about the 30 second mark we both had headaches so it was a real effort to get round the first buoy. But we did come right and managed 3 circuits then headed for the shore.




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