Marlborough’s Best Places to Train – Hawkesbury Circuit

11 11 2009


When the Norwester is howling, many a wily cyclist has sought refuge on this 9km circuit.  Taking in Hawkesbury, Falveys, Brookby and Dog Point Roads’, it’s a great place for a recovery ride or some fast paced (slightly) downhill intervals. You know you love it. Rumour has it Jamie K once did 11 laps he loves it so much.

Not hard core enough? Be patient.




One response

16 11 2009
Steve Smith

Beg to disagree but the Hawkesbury would be near the top of my least favourite places to ride. Hawkesbury Road heading south is about as boring as it comes. Plus it appears to be nice and flat but I’m sure is a gradual rise. Then you get on to Brookby Road and head north and thats not too bad but you can hurtle along at a cracking pace feeling like you’ve finally got this cycling lark worked out only to realise everyone else that rides along that road gets the same feeling. Yes, its all nice and quiet and yes it’s better than the Picton road but no. 2? Not a chance!

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