Steve’s Ironman update

22 11 2009

Wither Hills skyline. Steve’s favourite training ground. Photo by Tracey Richardson

I feel like the weeks are starting to look the same. I still had the 3 big sessions with 3 medium sessions in between.

The week started with a 2 hr run up and round Mt Vernon, then in the middle of the week it was a 4 hr bike ride followed by a 30 min run in the Withers and the week ended with an hour in the calm sea at Anakiwa and a 2 hr run along the Queen Charlotte track. The pick of that bunch was probably the sea swim because whilst it was cold I reckon it was just a little bit warmer than what had been experienced in Picton/Waikawa. Six of us – Michelle, Caroline, Sharon, Roger, Phil and myself – did the triangle from Anakiwa to Grove to Tirimoana and return and, as I said, the water was so placid it was almost a nice swim.

However, had wet suits been banned there’s still no chance I would have got in. So the week ahead is now a nice quiet one before a bunch of us head to the Ashburton Half Ironman (70.3 in the new money). There have been a couple of course changes there with the bike, for instance, now being 2 x 45 whereas last year it was 3 x 30 plus the swim is now clockwise instead of anti-clockwise. I must confess I have promised myself a couple of days off after the race so looking forward to getting down there for that reason alone.




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