Josh Scott takes on Coast to Coast – again

23 11 2009

Winemaker and Brewer extraodinaire Josh Scott is having his fourth crack at the Coast to Coast in Feb 2010. After a hard fought 36th last year he aims to make big improvements in 2010. This is the first of a series of regular posts from Josh on his  preparation for NZ’s original one day endurance event.

Over to Josh…

This is start of my blow by blow  Blog of my preparation for the 2010 Coast to Coast.

This well be my fourth Coast (yes I’m addicted) and hopefully my past experiences are going to help me improve again.

When I was playing Rugby, I remember my coaches saying that it takes the average person about two seasons to condition your body and skills from an amateur to be a competitive professional rugby player and I believe this is the same scenario you see in prepping for the Coast…

I am into week three in my preparation for Coast. I usually start seriously thinking about it around November, and the Queen Charlotte Classic was a great starting point to see where my fitness and skill levels are at. (Not a bad race for me, although still recovering from sunburn!)

The last couple of weeks training have been tough. Illness and a lack of motivation/ work stress, weight gain  have made training a bit of a slog, however I had a good race in the Kaiapoi Classic Multisport race on the weekend (2nd Overall) and this have given me a new boost of enthusiasm.

I love racing, and enter as many races as I can, I can never match the intensity in my training that racing brings on so I am always on the look out for different events I can enter, but still have my eye on the Big Race.

A few good long sessions planned for week ahead, with Moa Hunt on this weekend(28th Nov) – should be a cracker of a week.




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