Steve’s Ironman Update

2 12 2009

In the last week,  all my training and focus was directed toward the half ironman in Ashburton.  After 3 weeks off exercise through October with injury and illness, I had got solidly back into it and  felt good for having the rest. Given this, I was really expecting an okay race and maybe even an improvement on last year’s effort.

Let’s just say that when I crossed the finish line – 15 minutes longer than last year – I felt like just running straight to the car and going back to the motel. The swim went well but it was a seriously freezing day and when I got on the bike I just couldn’t seem to get going, or to shake off all the negative thoughts about that (convinced myself my feet and toes had frostbite sort of thing), couldn’t seem to get any speed going even by my own modest standards to the point where I actually looked down at my wheels to check they weren’t rubbing on a brake pad or something.

I just had absolutely nothing to give and so the bike took an age and it was all just a complete disappointment from there. I’ll will now have a few days break before setting down some training plans for the Ironman which remains the goal. Half way round the course at Ashburton I was even questioning that! As for the cold feet, they did eventually come right but it wasn’t until about the 5km mark in the run.




5 responses

2 12 2009
Steve Smith

count me in. swim then bike/run and a coffee/cold drink in Havelock on the way home? I’m all for it. What times kick off? Starting Anakiwa end again?

3 12 2009

Swim: 8 or 8.30am latest? I then have a 3 hour run to do, thought I would trip over to mistletoe and return or a bit further if necessary. Big bike ride Sunday, so Saturday i get to rest my butt! Weather is suppossed to be nice Saturday!

3 12 2009
Steve Smith

I’m good for either time though 8.30am start in the water may be more realistic. I will run for a couple of hours as well. Do you want to take one car? I’m happy to drive. If anyone else is keen – first in first served!

2 12 2009

I could even be talked in to it if the water has got over 20 degrees and you bring muffins.

2 12 2009

Feel like a post race therapy session at anakiwa on Saturday morning??

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