Steve’s Ironman Update

6 12 2009

Only half a weeks training due to recovery time needed after the Ashburton Half. I did however, manage a very pleasant swim at Anakiwa with Roger on Saturday, followed by a 20k+ run along the QC Track. It was one of those beautiful days where you just can’t believe the sea can ever look so blue.

Once back at Anakiwa we were sitting on the beach pondering life in general and the peace of it all when … a large group of teenage school kids on mountain bikes arrived. So much for the peace and quiet but they had a good time doing the usual – talking in their own language, telling teenage jokes, pushing each other off the jetty and so on.

I also managed a 120 km ride up to the end of the Waihopai (plus Hawkesbury) which must surely feature as one of the best places to train. I know the straights can become a pest and the magpies are a pain in their season but it’s a good ride and the cars give you a wide berth. Apart from that it was just a couple of spin classes and a mild swim/ride/run on Friday.

If you need some bike skills tuition, then Danny MacAskill is your man…




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11 12 2009

Guys, can I offer the transport in exchange for company. Won’t do full swim this time (need time to get used to sea swimming and don’t want to interfere with your day) but should be ok for run. Have got ute so wet gear on back no issue.
Away from home after 4.30 pm today. Text/phone 0272 4444 31 or leave me a message here or on Would be keen for a jaunt up to Rotoiti before January …… provide transport there too. Cheer. Bryan H. (Wanaka Half Hopeful !)

11 12 2009
Steve Smith

Hi there, no problem at all and the more the merrier but can I make a suggestion. I was getting a lift with Roger and we hit the water at 8.30 so we are out and ready to run around 9.30-9.40. If you don’t want to swim why don’t you just make your own way out for that time. Then we could all meet up by the start of the QC track (by the jetty/Outward Bound/toilet) for the run portion. Does that suit? Steve. I’m on 0274195130.

11 12 2009

Yep…sounds good. Willl probably bring suit and puddle around a bit b4 you get back. See you there…..Black Mitsi Triton.

7 12 2009

And, I’m up for a repeat session next saturday too! Swim (minimum 1 hr) run (pathetic 2hrs)!

10 12 2009
Steve Smith

I’m good for Saturday. Same arrangements as last time? (8.30 in the water/Anakiwa end). Do you want to do exactly 2 hours? I need to do a min 2.30 run. Shall we try and do one car this time? I’m happy to drive. Anyone else keen?

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