Josh’s Coast to Coast update

9 12 2009

Another two weeks has shot by, so much for my weekly updates and the Coast to Coast is creeping up!!

The Moa beer Moa hunt a couple of weekends ago was great despite the weather. Not so good for people to buy beer, but there was some great riding and running. A wrong turn cost me a lot of time on race day, but as I always say, keep my eye on the prize and let all the mistakes happen in the pre races!

The last couple of weeks have been tough training. I had some long hours and unfortunately had to work in Australia, which made juggling work, long hours training and the constant heat and humidity very difficult. To cap it off, at the end of my two week long training regime my little sister Sara (also doing the C to C) got married!!

I always cut right back on my alcohol consumption during summer to really reap the benefits from training, but a hot day and some cold Moa beer was irresistible. (Lost a training day out of it and woke up about 4kg lighter from dehydration)

This week has been a lighter week and now I am really concentrating on my Kayaking and specific training. This is when I twist my ankle , lots (As Rene says, drink plenty of water and your tendons will stay limber, but I almost always ignore this advice to my peril). Lots of technical running and shadowing of what I am likely to expect on the day.

Some longer session are also coming up, and I like to train in new areas so have planned a run up Mt Tapuaenuku – Tapi to the locals (probably just to Hodder hut and back) as well as a MTB of Queen Charlotte Track and some kayaking out towards Tory channel and back. No doubt some long rides on the TT bike Wairau valley (if planned right this can be a great ride home).




One response

9 12 2009

I think MORE beer is the answer … least the pain will be bearable and the memories hazy !! Good luck with those Wairau rides……easterly seems to sneak in about Renwick every day .

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