Steve’s Ironman Update

14 12 2009

I am kind of pleased to see the back of the past training week. Whilst I got everything done I had intended to, it’s fair to say that the recent high winds have been a real trial.

I can remember doing some intervals round the Dillons Point Rd area, and on the back stretch it felt like I had to lean off the bike just to stay upright. Then there was the Saturday run through Linkwater which saw Bryan and I holding on to our hats and just sticking the body in first gear and keeping the feet going forward. But the grand daddy of them all was a ride which was planned for the Wairau Valley. I got up at a very early to beat the wind. That part of the plan worked for the first 15 minutes. Then it blew and it blew and it blew.

I was riding along swearing and cursing and telling myself to just soak it up (because, after all, it could be like this on race day). More importantly I was also telling myself that just as long as the b—–d wind doesn’t turn it was going to be a very good ride back. I clung to that thought though I also remembered the times last year where I battled all the way out there and turned only to find it was another head wind after a short while. Anyway, I’m pleased to say it didn’t happen this time. To put it in perspective, it took me exactly 2 hours to get to the Wairau pub on the way out. Thats 40 km i.e 20 km/ hr average. You reckon thats slow? I was a bit surprised I managed to keep it to 20. And the way back? 1 hr 10 (including a cruise through town) and I was wishing I had more gears. It was just great to be, in patches, sitting on 40+ km/hr but hardly expending any effort. 

So to the week ahead. I have some intervals on the run and bike, which are all a bit new to me but seem to be going okay. I might also try Mark G’s ladder approach to swimming, which he promised will change my life (Might be the last time he listens to me – MG). Sounded like something they might make the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay do,  but I will be able to give you the real oil on this next time. At the end of the week it’s that sea swim race in Nelson ,which is a prelude to a decent nosh up at Lone Star. I reckon their ribs could be the order of the day. Or that giant steak they do. I’m flexible.




Floyd Landis dealing with a Marlborough Norwester on the way up the Wairau Valley.




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