Steve’s Ironman Update

4 01 2010

Early on in the week I had a friend staying from Wellington and I was still buzzing from the high speed ride back from Lake Rotoiti on Boxing Day so was keen for a repeat performance. 

We met Marg at the lake again for the obligatory swim, before taking to the road with the tail wind. The weather was all over the place and for the first third we were seriously drenched and a bit cold. By the last third the arm warmers and jackets had been discarded and sunburn was the main concern.

New Year’s Day in Nelson for the second sea swim – the Eyebright Mile. It was hot, and the sea looked far calmer than the previous race day. There was another good contingent from Blenheim with Roger, Phil, Marg, Yasmin, Jono, Martyn and myself along with a crew from Masters swimming taking to the water. This was a 2 km race straight down the shoreline, soI had  none of the previous problems with sighting markers nor the big chop off the sea wall. I was happy. Click here for results.

The day was only half done. On the drive home I got dropped off by Daniel Le Brun’s (other side of Renwick) so I could complete the day with a 15 km run home. This was to include 6 intervals,m with what seemed to be a very reasonable 2 min recovery period between each. I had water with me, but as I hit the 1 km mark I was already parched and I started to think that this was a seriously hot day. I did the first couple of intervals and they seemed okay. I was getting to the pace required, the heart rate was at the desired level and the only problem was that the 2 minute recovery seemed to be over in seconds.

By the time I got round by Marlborough Ridge (about half way), I was down to the last of the water, the recovery periods were now over in the blink of an eye, and I was starting to look longingly at the passing cars. Then ahead was the oasis that was Fairhall School, and I was able to stock up on water sufficient to get me to the Burleigh Road bridge. This is my marker for being only a couple of km from home. The session ended at a snail’s pace. I would like to say it ended happily but that wasn’t the case. It was probably the toughest run I can recall doing and it turned out it was 34 degrees, so hardly surprising. 

But the God’s must have taken into account my pain that day because they smiled on me on a ride on Sunday. I had been doing hills in the Sounds and had driven to Picton and started there.On the return to Picton, about 200 m from the port lookout I punctured – slow leak. I was about 2 km from the car and all downhill so was able to pump it up and coast home all the while pondering how annoying it would be to have to change a tyre when you are about 5 mins ride from the finish.  Off now to the Sounds for a few days so likely to be swimming then running and for variety some running then swimming.




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