Roger makes the most of spot prize

5 01 2010

Roger Golding swimming in the Summer Tri Series

– photo courtesy Marlborough Express

On 16 January local triathlete Roger Golding takes on Challenge Wanaka. 1000 athletes have entered this “Iron” distance event from around the world. With a 3.8km swim in Lake Wanaka, 180km bike and a 42km run, it’s a scenic, but bloody tough event. Especially so for someone who was non-swimmer only three years ago.

A self-confessed non-sportman, but with a background in kick-boxing (eh!), the 36-year-old did his first Tri in 2007. After doing a few local events, he decided to up the ante and compete in the 2008 Ashburton Half Ironman. At this event Roger took home the major booby spot prize of a free entry into Challenge Wanaka.

Roger feels that the cycling is his toughest challenge. He reckons 7 hours (try sitting on a bike seat ALL day and you’ll understand some of the suffering) should knock it off, and he hopes for a finishing time less than 14 hours.

Many in the club have witnessed the perseverance and effort that Roger has put into preparing himself for this event. It’s all done now Rog. We wish you well.




3 responses

12 01 2010
Phil Binnie

All the best Roger.
Don’t forget the ‘fourth’ discipline and eat and drink well especially in the first half of the ride. It will really count in that ugly second half of the run.
We all know you will knock this one over. Have fun….
Cheers (non alcoholic) Phil

9 01 2010
Paul Wieland

Hi Rodger,
I’ll see you at the swim start in Wanaka for the big day. It’s really worth it – stunning scenery & an honest course!
All the best for your race.

8 01 2010
Steve Smith

Roger, if there is another competitor at Wanaka that has put more graft into it than you have then I’d like to meet them. They would probably like to meet me as well because if they have done more training than you then its odds on
that they will have no friends, had no social life for the past year
and are likely to have been recently divorced! On a serious note, you
have done the hard work so now go and get the rewards. All the best to
you. Steve.

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