Josh doin the hard yards for the Coast to Coast

12 01 2010

Time is flying by. Only one month until C-Day (Coast Day).

This last month will be tough, there is always self doubt,  have I  done enough? Plenty of anxiety mixed in, waiting for race day to roll around.  I find that the local bike races and smaller feeder races like the Anikiwa Tri coming up on the 23rd are great races to keep the mind focused and keep confidence up. 

The holiday period is always the toughest time of year for me to train, there are so many distractions, parties, friends and family to spend time with, and especially making sure I spend quality time with my wife, who does not want to spend her holidays waiting for me to finish training (Luckily I have almost talked her into taking up cycling which bodes well for training missions in the future).

I have also been surprised by the number of people who got dogs for xmas. These add another dimension to training, they always seem to bark and jump at you half heartily but I have been bitten too many times to be complacent.

I am now at the most intense part of my training program and putting in some very long hours, which I will cap off at the end of the week with three days training on the course. This will be a great test of my fitness, as well as some new equipment to see if it makes the cut.

One of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever receive is not to try anything new on race day, I have too often ignored this advice. For the first time ever, I have all my gear ready for this years race and it s been worn and tested several times over the last few weeks .You look like a dork kayaking the Taylor River with a helmet and spray skirt on, but come race day i’ll be glad for the time I spent in it.




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