Steve’s Ironman Update

12 01 2010

It has been a disjointed training programme this week having spent a few days in the Marlborough Sounds. No biking, but lots of swimming plus a few runs along a coastal path.

On our return, a 6 hour cycle up the Wairau Valley and back. I was on course for that being one of the great rides of all time as I was two and half hours into it (heading toward the Lake) and there wasn’t a breath of wind.  Then up she came and the last half hour was into a gale. I thought it was going to be a good ride back once I turned, and for a long time it was but needless to say the last hour or so was into an easterley head wind.

We’re off to Auckland and Taupo for two weeks, catching up with friends, and, for the second year, doing the Wharf to Wharf run on Waiheke Island. It’s a 25 km trudge from a wharf in the east to the main wharf in the west. The island is known for its hills and the race doesn’t disappoint. My time for a 21 km run is about 1hr 50, but last year my time for this one was 2hr 50. 

I swear that the gun goes off and you run about 10m and the first hill starts and they don’t really seem to end. You still go up and down and along ridge lines until about the 24 km mark and then it drops down to the finish line.  I don’t remember any flat bits. How it pans out will be revealed next time round.

The second week Phil and I head to Taupo to do some training on the Ironman course.  Lots of swimming/riding/running  on the course itself but the best part of the whole thing is that after thats over I have a few days of genuine R and R planned. The downside is that after those fun times it’s full steam ahead for the Ironman – which seems worryingly close.




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