Challenge Wanaka

16 01 2010

Roger Golding finished Challenge Wanaka last night in a time of 11.58.22, 2 hours quicker than the time he had hoped for. Good on you Rog, you nailed it!

Results are here




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19 01 2010

Great effort. You did the hard work and got the reward. Remember that first tri when we shared a lane?

YOU – how long is this swim?
ME – 750
YOU – how many lengths is that?
ME – 30
YOU – Crap, I’ve only ever done 15.

You have come a long long way!

18 01 2010

Great result Roger,

Very impresive, and inspiring to boot. Keep up the training brother and all the best for Taupo.


18 01 2010
josh scott

Good effort mate!

I got a brilliant text from Rodger when I texted him good luck before the race.
Hie reply below.

” Water temp 14 deg.Wind blowing like a bastard,run hill is only slightly lower than mt Cook. In other words, all as expected, even got no. 13!”

18 01 2010
Michelle Gammie-Catterick

Well done Roger !!!

What a great time !!! I bet you are enjoying your rest now !!! Now you can think of us (crazy?) people that are training for Taupo, and be glad that it’s not you !!!


16 01 2010
Lynne Haines

Hi Roger

Been checking out your BIG DAY progress

WELL DONE bloody brilliant amazing time WOW!!!!
the conditions looked amazing WHAT A DAY enjoy your rest


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