Steve’s Ironman Update

20 01 2010

This one is coming from a slightly overcast Auckland, after a week on Waiheke Island which had brilliant weather the whole time.

Saturday was my run in the Wharf to Wharf. That’s an annual 25 km race from one end of the island to the other. Anyone who knows the island will know it’s a tough course. Last year I did it in 2.55, managed to run to about the 15 km mark and then had to walk some hills. The first hill starts about 10 metres after the start line, and then its much of the same the whole way. Even when you get to the 1km to go mark anyone would be thinking ‘there at last, I’m in the home stretch’. But then it’s a 800 m grind upwards before a sharp right and 200 m down to the finish.

There are 1000 competitors through the various categories, so its a sizable and well run affair. The day dawned a real scorcher. Great for the holiday makers, but not so good for runners. The folks at the drinks stations try to out do each others fancy dress, so there is a great atmosphere. A few of the locals had sprinklers tied to power poles and you know its hot when running through them feels so good.

I am pleased to say I ran the whole thing and managed it in 2.35 – vast improvement on last year. I felt good throughout as well so, pleased with how my Taupo preparation is going. All in all a good day, specially as I was able to follow Roger’s successful crack at the Wanaka Challenge via txts with Sari.

Most of my week was spent riding the local roads of Waiheke which generally meant 2 hours out for about 35 km covered – those hills again. Lots of short term hard work. For the next few days I have some scheduled down time and then from Thursday it will be a week in Taupo going over the Ironman course with Phil and others. Lots of riding to Reporoa, running the course and swimming the lake. Should be good. More on this next time.




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