Steve’s Ironman Update

10 02 2010

During the past week if I wasn’t running or riding I was more than likely lying on the couch. That about sums it up. It was a week which consisted of 3 rides (2 of Grape Ride distance and 1 a fair bit bigger), and 4 runs, some after the bike. 

One run was a 3 hour beast – thankfully Marlborough’s newest ironman came with me on this one. It was good to have company and the time seemed to go a bit quicker. We ran out to Taylor Dam and then took that new track back along the river, crossed over to the top of Ben Morven, did the block back to where we crossed the river and up to the recycling centre. There we parted company. I finished by heading to Redwood Street and cut across the Withers to home, the fridge and the couch in that order.

 The new track means you can go along the river bank from town to Taylor Dam  (about 10km each way) and you can get across to Ben Morven without getting wet shoes. It’s well worth a go if you haven’t done so already.

I am into making lists now – what to wear on race day, what to have for breakfast, what to have for dinner the night before, stuff I must not forget to take and so on. Nothing gets changed from now on, and all food/ supplements have been tried and tested. This year, through some trial and error, I will be basically going for solids (power bars etc) on the first half of the ride, honey sandwich on white bread at the half way mark and then gels for the second half. There will no doubt be a few bananas involved as well but the basic plan is for solids first and gels second as I was finding the solid stuff a bit hard to get down late in the ride and they seemed to be playing havoc with the innards for the run. All in all I am ready for it now, and if I had my way the race would be this weekend.




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