One more sleep…

12 02 2010

One day to go to Race day. Excited and Nervous.

The two dayers have already departed and weather is not looking too bad at moment. Things are meant to change quickly, but fingers crossed everything will be fine for one dayers tomorrow and we get to run Goat pass, and not on the SH73.

Last 4 weeks have been pretty full on with both work and fitting in training, which has not been ideal, but something I have had to cope with every year. Luckily, my family as well as workmates have been very supportive.

This is always the time that the self doubtsets in. Have done enough training? Am I in good enough shape? Have I improved my skills from last year?

This is also the time I get the constant hot flushes of adrenalin as I think about the race, just like the old rugby days before a big match. These for me are a good indicator I am getting focused on the task ahead and these bouts of adrenalin is what makes me addicted to this iconic race.

I am well prepared this year and there is no last minute rushing around getting food, supplies and extra equipment (thanks to little sister Sara and Ray and Team at Cycleworld, and Robin at Mitchell sports) which means I can fully spend the day relaxing, carbo loading, hydrating, and just chilling out.

Fingers crossed for a stress free race, and I am looking forward to seeing that beer at the finish line (although I’m a beer snob, this is only time every year i’ll drink a speights over a Moa!)




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18 02 2010

Well done Josh. Watched you guys thru Arthurs township…a little damp and blustery !! Started passing two dayers at the lakes on way back to Chch and didn’t hit the leader until Chch airport turn……that long bike must have hurt like hell. Top effort.

15 02 2010
Craig Harper

Josh great effort! Followed the race online. What must have been such a dissappointment for a lot of people with the course change. Hopefully you can look back on it in time and still see it as a great adventure and experience. Not sure how you felt with your race but well done on fronting up and performing!

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