Steve’s Ironman update

18 02 2010

Competitors during the swim leg of the Air New Zea
15 days to go until 6 March. Ironman Day.

The schedule this past week reflected the fact that the end is in sight. The hard days were still as hard as they have been, but the days in between have taken into account the need for some rest and recovery with maybe just a swim or an hour of cardio work.

The big day was Thursday, and that consisted of a 180 km ride followed by a run off the bike up Taylor Pass. As I have said before, the mental side of things is huge with Ironman with both the bike and the run being two circuits of the same course, so for a while now I have been trying to bring this into the training. This ride included going up to Onamalutu and back and then turning round and going back up North Bank (this week it may just be North Bank twice). I was feeling pretty good on the ride and was happy with my speed but suspect I over hydrated as I had far too many toilet stops.

I still have a few sizable rides and one more 180 km ride to do before the taper starts so will tweak my nutrition plan and see if I can’t find a better compromise before race day. The weekend proved to be a bit of a logistical exercise juggling training commitments with normal life. I managed a 50 km ride with intervals and a 1.5 hour run in the Withers in the morning then on to the Wine and Food Festival in the afternoon, to a party that night followed by a 3 hour run on Sunday morning. No question that I was the designated driver to all events and when I got stopped at a booze check point there was zero chance I would register any alcohol. Come Sunday afternoon I fell asleep on the couch around 2pm, woke up feeling guilty so volunteered to do dinner. But at dinner time the general feeling of tiredness had really started to kick in and all I could manage was boiled rice and some chicken so I suspect my household share price plummeted that Valentine’s day.

Ironman is also quite a big logistical exercise and anyone who has ever read the Race Manual will attest to this. Your wet suit, helmet and bike have to be checked and certified before you go to registration – where, amongst other things, you get weighed and they confirm your next of kin! – and I got my bike and helmet done and stickered in town today. So it starts. I’m still feeling ready and raring to go.




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