Steve’s Ironman Update

25 02 2010

I am at the stage now where the tough training is all done and for the next two weeks its light duties because. As Mike L so rightly put it, I can’t get any fitter than I am now but I can get fresher.

I had started to notice over the past couple of weeks that when I went for a ride or a run it was starting to feel like there hadn’t been a gap from the previous workout, which makes me think it’s time to start resting and recovering for the big day.I also just can’t face some of the roads any more as some have been ridden to death. I really can’t be any more prepared than I am so just want to get on with the race.

The week just gone included amongst other efforts a ride up North Bank with 2 side trips up Onamalutu followed by a jaunt up to the second bridge in the Waihopai – all told, 180 km – and ended with a run along the Taylor River. That was a long day, but, as we both remarked in a pause in the Waihopai, it was the last long day except for race day so something to feel really good about. The last big run was on Sunday morning and involved a loop round town then out to Cob Cottage, up Mt Vernon and back down the Withers to home. A 3 hour trek and the day just got hotter and hotter – tough going.

At some stage this week I intend starting to put all my gear together. You have to actually hand everything over the day before the race (in specially marked bags) and because it goes to different transition points and the weather can vary over the whole day you need to cater for all eventualities. Basically this means you have quite a bit of gear and if you want gloves for the bike and a belt to run with then the first goes in bag T1 and the second in T2. If you don’t want to carry your honey sandwiches or want the option of a thermal in case the weather turns but want to collect all this half way then these need to go in a third bag called Special Needs. Race day itself sees everyone at their bikes around 5.30-6.00am for numbering, pumping tires and the like. Its likely to be cold at that time so you need a warm shirt which can be discarded before hitting the water. This stuff goes in another bag which you hand in at the waters edge (not sure what that one gets called). Suffice it to say you have to make sure you get everything in its right place.

I have also found myself starting to wake early and thinking ahead to what race day will be like and the drive into Taupo. I’ts dark, but the bike transition is flood-lit so you can see it from a long way away, and there’s all these super fit people, and they’ve all got super fast looking bikes, and everyone seems calm whereas I feel sick, and why did I sign up for this, and why is the wind getting stronger etc etc. It’s fair to say the nerves are starting to kick in and I know I shouldn’t think about it and I know I did it last year but when they kick in they kick in. I am ready to get on with it.




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