Steve’s on final countdown to Ironman

2 03 2010

This is my last blog before Ironman on Saturday. I have spent the past week taking it relatively easy. The plan this week is to continue the rest, do a yoga class, get a massage, start the trek north and keep the nerves at bay. The Binnie’s and Smith’s leave Wednesday and do an overnighter in the metropolis of Bulls. Then its on to Taupo for registration and wetsuit certification and then a dinner which according to the plan will involve some serious red meat. 

The wet suit certification is a bit funny because in the race manual there’s lots of references like ‘if you fail to have your wet suit certified you will not be allowed to race’. When you go to get it done they actually dip it in a 44 gallon drum of some disinfectant and hand it back to you with a wrist band to prove you have done it. It’s all to do with didymo, but certainly for first timers in the race it adds to the drama of it all.

In fact, the drama starts as you arrive in Taupo, because the town almost stops and devotes itself entirely to the race on the day. Many of the race signs will be out and the buoys for the swim will be in place. There will be large numbers out riding and running and swimming and they build this huge overpass over SH1 to get from the bike transition to the run so you can’t help but feel that something serious is happening. Friday involves the pre-race briefing at the Taupo Events Centre.  1500 people file in and there are large screens so those at the back can see what’s going on. This adds to the nerves because they start laying down the law. For example, it’s a race without any outside assistance and there will be draft busters on the course on motor bikes and helicopters and if you even think about drafting they will probably nab you … or thats how it seems. It all adds to the tension. Pasta for dinner that night then on Saturday it’s all on. As the “nerves” take overI keep reminding myself that I have done the training. I’ve ridden and run the miles. I am confident I couldn’t have done anything more, so its high time to just get on with it and enjoy the day.




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3 03 2010

All the best for Saturday Steve. The WhiteWest’s will all be thinking of you on the day. In fact in true “armchair supporters” style I am also going to have a big steak and pasta between now and Saturday to give me energy to get through it.
I have found a couple of Winston Churchill quotes just for you
“Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”
October 29, 1941
But the one I like is
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill

2 03 2010
Sharon Kent

Good Luck for Saturdays Iron Man especially you Steve.Well done with all the training you have put in .Its amazing the distances you have covered .You should be feeling really proud of yourself .Don`t forget to update your blog …if possible within an hour of finishing as We all want to know all the “GORY” i mean Glory details and at least your fingers will still be moving .
Don`t forget why you are doing it!!!!!!

2 03 2010
Kerie Smith

As an Iron-mate, I can’t wait for Saturday. All your hard work finally comes together Stevie for the big finale! Can’t wait to see you ‘do your thing’ – Sue Binnie and I have our signs made, our voices lubricated for much cheering (although more wine needed for fine tuning), our hands moisturised for lots of clapping, our sun-block and brollies at the ready, and our pretty red “cheering on” dresses complete with frilly matching knickers (!!) are packed. No doubt l’ll get that lump in my throat and tears will stream down my face again as you cross the line – ever so proud of you!!

2 03 2010
Steve Smith

Now that is about the best advice/info I have had re Ironman in a very long time. I intend holding you to it.

2 03 2010

I got the first two rounds covered at Josh’s place when you can walk again ! Have a good one guys.

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