Robin Reid wins Michael Huntley Memorial Triathlon

21 03 2010

A four and a half minute deficit after the 1500m swim didn’t stop Robin Reid from Nelson taking out the MH Triathlon in Anakiwa today.

Racing in near perfect conditions, Reid put on an impressive time trialling display to catch Mark Grammer at 34km into the 40km ride. Reid then led to the finish of the 10km run. Grammer was second, with Jake Stow from Nelson third.

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29 03 2010

Feedback from the Nelsonians I brought over is that it was great not to have to get up at sparrowfart to get to an event for a change. Everyone liked the course and we all intend to return to do next year’s race (even the carsick one!) I cant get the results to come up, though.
Many thanks to the organisers.

23 03 2010

Hi there,
thanks for the comments. mike lee did most of the donkey’s work. we met at 7.30 at the outward bound jetty, so he must have left his house at
seems early enough on a sunday morning. a car load from Nelson just made it in time as it was. it was warm. it helps to prepare for all racing conditions.

23 03 2010
Steve Smith

Hey Rene

It was a good day on Sunday. Understand you now have all the results/times/splits. Could you post them as I’d be keen to see what I did.

22 03 2010
Steve Smith

You can get Mike on 5705875 but he may be away for a few days from Tuesday (I think).

I liked the course as it was set out as there were other riders/runners the whole way round. Once you go to the 2 x 20 or 1 x 40 you can lose that. Start time is a tough one because ideally you want it to be easy for people to get to and with travel and the like if the start was an hour earlier it makes it that bit harder especially for the Nelson people.

All in all, I liked the whole course, set up etc. Even getting the cones in was easier than in town. I’d be keen for more of those and less of the Paddy Barry’s circuit. That’s my 2 cents worth.

22 03 2010

I totally agree about the event starting earlier. I felt very sorry seeing the long course athletes running in the heat.
2 people were interested in buying an Orca Neoprene swim cap from me so call me on 0273318522 or email if you still want it.

22 03 2010

As yesterday was a scorching 29 deg can I suggest that this event starts at 9am (or earlier) not 10am in future, therefore running in the midday sun could be avoided. The swim course was great, the bike leg could have been 2 laps of 20ks instead of 4 laps of 10ks (that involved 7 tight turns around the cones), no comment about the run course…….. Cheers

22 03 2010

Yes I agree really hot. A nine oclock start would be better even if it is a bit chilly. That way it is mainly over by 12:30 including prize giving, with time to enjoy the afternoon. Will take this to the committee meeting. I wasn’t feeling 100% on the day so that will teach me for trying to do the full olympic distance. I think the course was great, although it did seem like a lot of turns but I did enjoy being able to see all the competitors at some point during the race.

22 03 2010
Martyn Crossley

Do you have Mike’s phone number?

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