Distribution coup for Cycleworld

1 04 2010

Blenheim bike shop Cycleworld has secured the exclusive NZ distribution rights to the new Unicycle Time Trial bike (UniTT). Designed and manufactured in the US by Unibikes, the UniTT is said to take some getting used to. Once your balance is sorted, the lack of friction from a front wheel gives you about 15% more speed. The “bike” does not have UCI approval for use in bike races or time trials but the UniTT can be used- for now- in triathlons. If you want to know more about the UniTT, call in to Cycleworld and chat to Ray.




3 responses

21 07 2010

Funnily enough we’re actually pushing unicycling in this direction for real. The current one hour record on a uni is only about 30k, but that was on a fat tyre with no aerodynamics and a very upright body position. You can expect that to start climbing in a few years as unicycling is really taking off right now.

1 04 2010
Steve Smith

is this an interesting choice of days for such a momentous announcement I wonder???

1 04 2010

I second that Steve and how’s your training for Tour de France coming along?

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