$15k raised for Richard

9 05 2010

Steve Smith went along to Richard Andreson’s fundraiser on 7 May…

300 people attended the fund raising dinner for mountain biker Richard Anderson . He’s on a mission to compete in the World Champs from August 31 to September 5 at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, Canada. Everyone was kept entertained by live music from local youth performers and a large screen which featured pictures of his various races and extensive video coverage. Most in attendance suppressed a gasp at the photos of the injured rider being choppered on a back board from an event presumably on a day when things had not gone as planned.

Multisport legend Richard Ussher was the celebrity speaker and kept the crowd’s attention with stories such as those involving the need for forged parental signatures to pursue a skiing career to more recent races involving 36km of paddling in an inflatable canoe that was so badly punctured the occupants were sitting below the water line. But it was the story involving his recent race at Xterra that drew the most admiration from anyone who has ever ridden a bike. Having been well placed he suffered the worst of gear failure with the seat on his bike actually breaking off and, with no thought of giving up, finished the last 6km of an already tough race without being able to sit down. His speech concluded with his expressing admiration for Anderson who is widely acknowledged as being single minded in his determination to achieve in the sport of mountain biking and his final motivational words were along the lines of making your dreams your goals and then pursuing them – but pursuing them hard.

Master of Ceremonies Aaron Davis was in charge of the auction of everything ranging from wine and accommodation to a week’s labour by a local carpenter. This item attracted special attention from the female section of the audience when it was suggested that for extra money the work would be performed bare chested. Whilst not the most expensive item of the evening the one that got the biggest cheer was Anderson’s race jersey which sold for $500. The evening was an outstanding success and raised over $15,000.




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