Where the bloody hell are they going?

28 05 2010

How does this photo make you feel on a 6 degree day in Blenheim?

Local triathlete and Airforce Sargeant Greg O’Connor is packing up and heading to Queensland.  Greg has scored a great  job as Assistant Triathlon Coach at the Queensland Academy of Sport.

The Academy is based at Griffith University in Brisbane and Greg will be responsible for the under 23 squad of around 11 athletes.

Greg and his wife Tracey are well known in the Marlborough sporting scene. Greg has competed at 4 world champs as a NZ age group triathlete rep and Tracey has been heavily involved in the local hockey scene.

Greg and I did numerous training sessions together, most recently in preparation for the Triathlon World champs on the Gold Coast in Sept 09. These were usually only key sessions, as training together all the time would have meant a painful death for both of us. Ten days out from the race we did a swim, bike, run session that was fairly typical of the suffering. It involved;

2km of swimming

90 minutes on the bike, including 3x 20 minutes intervals, one hard, one very hard and one vomit extremely hard.

6x 1km run intervals at the Woodbourne Airfield. 1km race pace, 1km easy.

…all in a howling norwester. Needless to say we arrived in Oz in good shape.

Anyway, good luck guys, and congratulations.




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