Club AGM

13 09 2010

The Marlborough Triathlon and Multisport Club AGM is coming up soon and we need you!

If you are into Triathlon or Multisport then we are looking for keen people to assist with the annual running the club or join us as an active committee member.

Importantly, we are going to change the club’s constitution to better reflect the way the club now operates particulary, with regard to the higher profile of triathlon within the club and the community.
To do this we need a high turnout of club members so if you can spare a couple of hours that night come along please.
AGM:  Wednesday 29 September 7pm at the Redwood Tavern
To add to the fun of the night we’ll be having our famous quiz session – with an all new quiz master who I have no doubt will live up to the high standard set by previous quiz masters. There will even be prizes – possibly of a slightly dubious standard but prizes none the less!
One more thing….. if you are keen to get more involved with the running of the club come along and nominate yourself for the committee. No pressure but it would be great to have some fresh faces with new ideas on the committee.




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