Blenheim Summer Tri Series

18 09 2010

The Blenheim Physiotherapy and Cycle World tri/du deries kicks off on 10 October.  This is a six race series which provides an event for all levels of competitor in triathlon and duathlon. The first five races in the series are held at the Stadium 200o pool. The final race is the Michael Huntley Memorial Triathlon. This race will be held in Anakiwa in March.

Race options:

Triathlon:                 swim 750 m    cycle 20k     run 5k

                                 swim 300m    cycle   14k    run 3k

                                 swim   50m    cycle   2k     run 1k

   Duathlon:               run      2.5k     cycle 20k     run 5k

                                 run         2k     cycle 14k     run 3k

                                 run    500m   cycle 2k       run 1k

Race Dates:            




 16- 1-11

13- 2-11

Registration: 8.30 Race Briefing 8.45 Start 9.00

Race course: Swim: lane swimming  indoor pool Stadium 2000 Bike: Scott street, Wither Road, Taylor Pass road and return.( long and medium) short: 2 laps as run. Run: Scott street, Francis street, Redwood street, Kinross street, Scott street ( 1 km block)

Start and finish at Paddy Barry’s car park. Enter on the day.  Minimum age 7 years.

Children/ students $ 2, adults $ 15, members MT&MSC $10.     You compete at your own risk.  Roads not closed. You must sign the waiver. $ 50 voucher drawn before each race .

For more information: Rene de Ruiter ph 5705900.

A Marlborough Triathlon & Multisports Club event




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