Winter duathlon series – final round

19 09 2010

The final round of the Cycle World Duathlon Series was held today in gusty norwester conditions.

The wild winds presented challenges for many athletes, but not the winner of the Men’s long race run over a 5 km run, 20 km cycle and 5 km run. Jono Lee lead from the outset and covered the first 5 km run in a quick time of 17.43 – almost 3 minutes ahead of his nearest rival. By the end of the 20 km bike leg that lead had been extended to 9 minutes and he proved to be only marginally slower on the final run leg of 5 km to eventually win by 12 minutes in a time of 1.07.38. This was a new course record. Lee used the race as part of his build-up toward the Triathlon nationals in March. He said ‘it was tough with that wind but I enjoyed it as much as you can on a day like that’. Local veteran Roger Golding, was second and Miles Wilks, a doctor recently arrived from the UK, was third. In the women’s event Caroline McCarthy was also using the race as part of her build up toward the South Island half Ironman champs in Ashburton in November. She found herself 1 minute 40 behind Sally Hale at the end of the 5 km run but McCarthy’s cycling experience shone through and by the end of the cycle leg she had established a lead of 4 minutes over Hale going into the run. Hale, competing for the first time in a duathlon, made in-roads into McCarthy’s lead but in the end could not catch her with McCarthy taking the race in a time of 1.31.00 with Hale closing the gap but just behind her in 1.32.42. McCarthy said ‘I really enjoyed that race, the bike felt great (thanks to my husbands aero bars!) and it was a good prelude to Ashburton’. Sally Hale was second and Sharon Kent fresh from a half marathon in Kaikoura was third. The husband and wife team of Dave and Rachel Monk provided the spectators with added incentive to support them. Rachel, who only a matter of weeks ago was a very respectable second in her age group at the nationals in Christchurch, was both carrying an injury and competing on her birthday. In other races, Bruce Hillis and Georgie Kydd comfortably won their events in the medium duathlon held over a 2.5km run, 16 km bike and 2.5 km run. In the short duathlon which was run over 2.5km run, 8 km bike and 1.5 km run young Jacob Crossley was stepping up to the longer distance and was involved in a photo finish with Fergus Greer, Crossley getting the nod from the judges with a nominal 1 second win. In the small duathlon held over a 1 km run, 2.5 bike and .5 km run Torban Otway and Jade Otway were winners. The first race of the Summer series is on 10 October starting at the Paddy Barry’s car park with various races including triathlon options. RESULTS LONG DUATHLON – 5/20/5 MEN Jono Lee 1.07.38 Roger Golding 1.19.03 Miles Wilks 1.21.21 Phil Binnie 1.24.16 Brett Oliver 1.28.28 Lionel Graham 1.37.25 Ryan James 1.36.42 WOMEN Caroline McCarthy 1.31.00 Sally Hale 1.32.42 Sharon Kent 1.38.25 Leonie van den Bergh 1.42.36 Sharon de Castro 1.54.48 Team Dave and Rachel Monk 1.23.38 MEDIUM DUATHLON – 2.5/16/2.5 MEN Bruce Hillis 54.49 Ben Wade 1.00.32 Ian McNabb 1.01.00 Harrison Lock 1.07.11 WOMEN Georgie Kydd 54.49 SHORT DUATHLON – 2.5/8/1 MALE Jacob Crossley 54.12 Fergus Greer 54.13 James Greer 54.48 MINI DUATHLON – 1/2.5/.5 MALE Torban Otway 12.22 Jackson Lock 12.55 Frank Hartland 18.16 FEMALE Jade Otway 14.12 Kyla Otway 16.01 Sylvia Hartland 19.16




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