Jono Lee wins first round of Summer Tri Series

10 10 2010

Jono runs to a fast time in the 1st round today

Photos are here.

A quiet Sunday morning was not quite the order of business for the two-dozen gathered at Paddy Barry’s car park for the monthly triathlon-duathlon, courtesy of Blenheim Physiotherapy and Cycle World. The first race of the summer series was held under not-quite typical summer weather, with overcast cloud and a brisk breeze. Never-the-less, those present and competing ranged from little ones doing short events to the hardened veterans doing the full slog. First off were a dozen children eagerly dashing off, soon followed by the more controlled pacing of the older competitors doing longer distances.

Jono Lee dominated the long triathlon from the start, ahead by 3 minutes out of the swim, and extended his lead to 8 minutes, finishing in a time of 59.43. Second went to Josh Scott, with 1.07.00. Cory Mackay claimed third with 1.14.33. The weather played its dubious part, as Lee described the race “The ride was pretty cold, but the tail wind at the end was good…. Overall a good race.” His concluding sentiments were pithily echoed by the winner of the duathlon, local schoolteacher Gareth Pugh: “Enjoyed the race, bit tired.” Pugh was neck-and-neck with student Leathem Landon-Lane as they finished the first run, and was only ahead by thirty seconds as he came off the bike. Pugh finished in a time of 1.09.43, with Bruce Hillis making a comeback to finish second with 1.12.23. Landon-Lane finished third with 1.16.54. The winner of the Women’s duathlon was Sally Hale in just her second outing in a time of 1.18.51. This was all the more meritorious in that she had overshot the turnaround cone by some distance before realising her error.

With the construction going on at the Stadium, those doing the triathlon experienced longer transitions from the swim. The course for the day was slightly different, but according to the first woman to finish the long triathlon, Almuth Waechter, “The change of course is good, with less traffic and some ups and downs.” She described her experience, “Felt pretty good, especially in the run… good to test my legs for the Marlborough Marathon!” The Marlborough Marathon to be held on Saturday 4th December, and will surely attract several of the race regulars. The next race of the Summer Series is on 14 November with the same 8.30 am registration and 9.00 am start time and Taylor Pass course.


Jono Lee 0.59.43
Josh Scott 1.07.00
Cory Mackay 1.14.33
Martyn Crossley 1.14.52
Rene de Ruiter 1.18.02
Cameron Clarke 1.21.32

Almuth Waechter 1.15.42
Mary Lister 1.17.30
Georgie Kydd 1.23.06
Marianne Aitken 1.23.49
Sharon de Castro 1.35.21
Leonie van den Burgh 1.45.34

Sam Thomas 0.45.40
Dagmar van Antwerpen 1.00.10

Team: Ben Wade
Kyle Fearn 45.02

Christopher Grammer 15.28
Jacob Crossley 15.49
Nils van Antwerpen 16.22

Gareth Pugh 1.09.43
Bruce Hillis 1.12.23
Leatham Landon-Lane 1.16.54

Sally Hale 1.18.51
Sharon Kent 1.25.49

Piers Landon-Lane 1.01.07

Georgia Reed 14.20
Connor Reed 14.30
Christopher Fenemor 14.42
Daniel Fenemor 15.56
Samantha Grammer 19.40

Race report courtesy of David Binnie.




2 responses

10 10 2010
Steve Smith

Photo 20 – proof that homeless people can do triathlons. I’m off now to find a razor.

10 10 2010

Strictly speaking, that that would Duathlon, Triathlon includes a run…

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