Lance Armstrong to race in NZ in January?

20 11 2010

Those of you who are Twitter users may be on to this already.

Lance Armstrong has recently started an alter ego on Twitter by the name of @juanpelota (one ball).  He’s using it to let the world know about his triathlon training, beer drinking, and generally to take the piss out of other athletes.

Yesterday he tweeted

I’m thinking the first tri is here… 38°12′S 176°20′E

and then shortly afterwards;

Late January…

Put the coordinates in Google yourself. You may be a little surprised. There is a multisport festival at this location in late January.  He will be in Australia for the Tour Down Under in January so it would be easy for him to pop across the ditch in his private jet.

Juan Pelota is also the name of the cafe inside Mellow Johnnys Bike Shop, in Austin Texas, which is owned by Armstrong.

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