Summer Tri/Du Series Round 5

18 02 2011

Last weekend, 15 year old Marlborough Boys College student Will Hart lead from start to finish to win the long triathlon race of the Blenheim Physiotherapy / Cycle World summer series. Hart went around the course in a personal best of 1.12.11. “Next month I am competing at the national secondary school triathlon championships ( Christchurch) and I am looking forward to that”, was his post race comment. Second was Rene de Ruiter, who just managed to stay 9 seconds ahead of Martyn Crossley.

Almuth Waechter, second overall, was first woman, in 1.15.22, aided by a strong running base after competing at the Marlborough Marathon. Leonie van den Bergh and Sharon de Castro battled for the minor placings.Bjoern Waechter won the medium triathlon in 1.06.20.

Connor and Georgia Reed were first across the finish in 13.31 and 13.33 in the short triathlon.

The long duathlon was won by pre-race favorite mountain biker Glen Marfell in a strong 1.07.01, an improvement of 2min.10sec compared with last months race. College student Leatham Landon-Lane had a stand out performance when he shaved 6min 27sec of his person best in the same race. He claimed second, just holding off veteran Bruce Hillis by 12 seconds.

The next race will be the Michael Huntley Memorial Hunt at Anakiwaon Saturday 26 March 2011. This race doubles as the Marlborough Multisport and Triathlon Club Championships.

Race Results

Long duathlon:
1 Glenn Marfell 1.07.01
2 Leathan Landon Lane 1.10.27
3 Bruce Hillis 1.10.39
4 Tore Waechter 1.12.48
1 Sharon Kent 1.25.22

Long triathlon
1 Will Hart 1.12.11
2 Rene de Ruiter 1.16.15
3 Martyn Crossley 1.16.24
1 AlmuthWaechter 1.15.22
2 Leonie van den Bergh 1.31.39
3 Sharon de Castro 1.41.10

Medium triathlon
1 Bjoern Waechter 1.06.20

Short triathlon
1 Connor Reed 13.31
2 Jacob Crossley 14.13
3 Jergus Greer 14.14
4 James Greer 14.40
1 Georgia Reed 13.33




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