Nelson Team Triathlon – The Marlborough Challenge

20 02 2011

Josh Scott, Jono Lee, Mark Grammer

The Marlborough Multisport & Triathlon Club is putting up a strong challenge on March 5 at the Nelson Mail Team Triathlon Challenge. This new event requires each member of a 3 person team to complete a 300m swim, 8km bike and 3km run, before tagging the next team member.

Multisport athletes Josh Scott, Jono Lee and Mark Grammer aren’t buying into the smokescreen that its an event for beginners. They expect a strong contingent of Nelson athletes to compete for the Clubs category.

The race distance is much shorter than what they are used to, especially for Coast to Coaster Josh. Josh has also had to get back in the pool to prepare for the swim. His very strong bike and run will easily make up for any time lost in the swim. Jono Lee started at Victoria University this year and is travelling to Nelson especially for the event.




One response

24 02 2011
Phil Binnie

What a team…well Jono and Josh anyway…. if only Mark had a name starting with J

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