Marlborough club take Nelson Team Tri

5 03 2011

Josh Scott tags Jono Lee for the final leg of the Team Tri

Marlborough Triathlon & Multisport Club today won the inaugural Nelson Mail Team Triathlon. 300 competitors from 100 teams all completed the 300m swim, 8km ride and 3km run as individuals before tagging their next team member.

The start order for the Marlborough team was Mark Grammer, Josh Scott, then Jono Lee. Grammer exited the swim with the lead swimmers and was quickly out of transition. Jumping on to the bike he discovered he had attached his cycling shoes into the wrong pedals prior to the start (I know, I know…). 40 seconds lost in an 8 km ride wasn’t ever going to be regained when the 3 in front were able to draft off each other. Josh did an awesome job pulling the team back up to second before handing over to Jono Lee.  Lee cut out the swim in 3 min flat, wiping two minutes off the lead team in the process. Once on the bike he was not going to be caught and a 3km run in around 9min 30 demolished anyone that was close.

More photos are here

Results are here




One response

7 03 2011

Don’t worry, the shoe epsiode wasn’t the only “special” moment.. I know someone who biked with their head through the wrong hole in their singlet… and someone else who tried to swim around a boy that was part of a solid wall… It was a very “special” event 🙂

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