Michael Huntley – Results and Photos

29 03 2011

Juliet Wiseman and Martyn Crossley competing in the MH Tri on Saturday

The 5th running of the Michael Huntley Memorial Triathlon and Duathlon attracted a few new entrants to multisport competition.  After a phenomenal debut 6th placing in the Coast to Coast recently, winemaker and pighunter runner, Jeremy McKenzie wiped the floor of all competition with his blistering opening 10km run in the Duathlon. He went on to win by 15 minutes in 2.04.33, a smart time at the 10/40/5 distance.  Veteran cyclists Anthony Clark and David Craig also performed impressively given their relatively late arrival to the sport of duathlon.  Anthony managed tried to snow everybody with his “I’m just here to see how it goes” attitude at the start, and then proceeded to take a good second place ahead of NZ age group rep Ryan Lock.

Corey McKay pulled off a good win in the long Triathlon in 2.27.16, with Ironman Roger Golding in second, and Martin Crossley 3rd.  

Link to Results page here

More photos are here




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