Winter Duathlon Series Race 1

17 04 2011

Jeremy McKenzie on his way to winning the first round of the 2011 winter duathlon series

Jeremy Mckenzie had too much class for the rest of the field in the long course (5k, 20k, 5k) duathlon today. Even with a second place in the. Marlborough 80km bike race the day before, he still had enough gas to deal to all comers .

If it was one-sided in the Men’s event, the same could not be said for the women’s race. Almuth Waechter, Rachel Monk and the fast improving Sally Hale had a great battle. Hales strength is in the run and at the end of the first leg she held a lead. By the end of the bike Monk had retaken the lead
and held an advantage over both Hale and Waechter who entered transition at the same time. Monk extended her lead to finish ahead of Waechter with Hale in third.

More photos here.



Jade Otway 15.37

Kayla Otway 16.30

Ben Parson 16.56

Millie Burfoot 17.14

Johnly Burfoot 18.01

Sam Grammer 18.37

Isla Burfoot 19.09

Sophia Kempson 20.31


Francesca Crossley 45.48

Jacob Crossley 46.40.00

Fergus Greer 46.40.05

Bryce Blackmore 47.48

James Greer 49.42


Steve Smith 54.49

Tony Westend 56.23

Thomas Westend 1.00.03

Chris Grammer 1.04.16



Jeremy Mckenzie 1.06.04

Sam Lamb 1.21.07

Will Hart 1.24.58

Phil Binnie 1.25.35

Craig Banner 1.28.04


Rachel Monk 1.21.09

Almuth Waechter 1.22.55

Sally Hale 1.23.47

Beck Scherp 1.28.44

Sharon Kent 1.38.40


Team Locke 1.16.37

Sharon and Ash de Castro 1.35.20




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