Portage Kayak race results

25 05 2012

Dan Busch and Callum Irvine make their way back to Picton on the final leg.

(Update: An astute reader has noticed that the kayakers in the picture above were not in fact Marianne and Martin – thanks Cal for pointing that out) 

Most race reports that make their way to this site start with something like “Athletes were greeted with perfect conditions… So often in fact, that they get edited because it gets a bit same, same. That’s Marlborough for you. However, last weekend the Marlborough Sounds really was a picture. No wind, blue skies… almost too easy for what is a pretty brutal race. If you don’t have to battle white caps as well as the distance and the carrying of kayaks over large hills, then the post race stories are all a bit tame.

Adventure racing super star, Nathan Fa’avae, is a regular in this race, which has been running for over 20 years. One day, just for fun, grab a racing surf ski and carry it from Torea Jetty to Portage Resort. It will take you an hour and you will have put the damn thing down about 20 times because it is so awkward to carry. Nathan does it in 12 minutes. 

Fa’aave and Glen Muirhead paddled together from Picton to Torea together, with Muirhead taking a slight lead over Torea saddle. Once on the water again at Portage, Fa’avae was already 100m ahead before Muirhead could get in his kayak. The benefit of a surf ski is that you can jump straight on and start paddling. The downside is that they are a prick to carry.  Fa’avae finished in Picton with 2 minutes up his sleeve in 2.30.12, ahead of Muirhead and fellow Wellingtonian Rob Nichol.

Results are here

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