Twin Rivers Kayak Race results

13 09 2012

With the Wairau River flowing at a squillion cumecs it was a relatively easy safety-based decision to change the course for the Twin Rivers last Sunday morning! The altered course saw the 22 paddlers starting from the Boat House Theatre on the Opawa River and doing an out-and-back course solely on the Opawa, turning at a point near the end of Hardings Road. This resulted in a course very near to the same 20km length as the traditional Wairau-Opawa Rivers course.
As expected the strong tail wind and river flow made for a fast first half of the race, with the first paddlers reaching the turn-around bouy (and what a beautiful buoy it was too!) in about 40 minutes. At that point the Masters (over 50 years) men were still in the lead having been the first away at the staggered start. John Harris (Nelson) and Keith Alderson (Chch) were battling it out in this category but their private battle was soon interupted when they were caught by Ian Huntsman (Chch) and Dan Busch (Nelson) who were fighting for line honours in the Open Men category. The fastest time honours went to Ian Huntsman in 1.36.39 with Busch 12 seconds behind. Alderson moved just ahead of Harris to win by a similar margin in 1.45.40
Local paddler Nick Webby (is Ward local Nick?) showed off his new Rockstar kayak and took line honours in the Vet Men Category ahead of Chester Burt from Wellington, while the four other local paddlers were fighting it out in the Doubles Category. Murray Gane and Al Martella were hoping to show the oposition crew of Dave Hansen and Wayne Holtham a thing or two gained with experience (note I did not say age!) but alas Dave and Wayne were able to dig deep and hold them off. Eight seconds seperating them as they passed under the timekeeper on the Crinoline Bridge at Riverside Park.
There was a distinct lack of girls paddling the race this year – two in fact. This didn’t stop Wendy Riach (Chch) putting on a good display of skill and fitness finishing 10th overall.

Results are here




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