Picton Half Ironman – final notes

11 12 2012

Half ironman

The forecast for Sunday 16th is 27 deg with Northwesterlies. Perfect for a fast bike ride from Havelock to the Rapuara Road/ SH1 intersection at Spring Creek. Not so much for the final 20ish km.

While we’re talking about the Spring Creek corner, there is a 4 Square store right on the LHS of the corner which would be a good place to stop and buy another drink if it’s hot. Remember you have a hilly 21km run in the heat as well.

We will have a keyboard at the carpark that you can leave your car keys on whilst you are out “enjoying” yourself. Gold coin donation to the key holder. If you make use of this service, then we will know that everybody is back off the ride.

The plan is to have a kayaker at the turn point in the swim. This point will also be marked on the shoreline. That is, there will be no bouy in the water.

Swim start at 8.30am.

I will hopefully get some Dazzle on the ground to mark the run course by Sunday.

Do not get race brain and forget the road rules. There will be no witches hats and no marshalls.

I would recommend carrying a mobile phone on the bike. If you see someone with a puncture or other mishap, please stop to check that they are sorted.

Some people will be taking the bike ride seriously. If some one passes you that looks like they are, don’t draft them, you will piss them off.

Each lap of the run goes back through transition, so you will have two opportunities to refuel.  The run is largely sheltered and could get very hot, so I’d suggest having drinks set up here for yourself.

We will have a spreadsheet at the end, where you can record your own times.

Any questions, give me a call. Mark 021 533635

See you there. Have fun.




One response

9 01 2013
rene de ruiter

this was a great day out.the swim was not boring at all because of the ferry coming in giving you something to think about. the bike ride until the turn off on sh 1 was fun. My excuse was that I had to keep an eye on Leonie, so cycled in my comfort zone. the home stretch from the 4 square to picton was no fun. the nelson lady’s training for wanaka had a food and drink stop here.
thank you Jamie and the cuddon rider for giving me ” moral support”.
the transition bike- run was made easy by matt bond. it was a shame my running shorts were back to front and I had to strip of again. the run was well marked and a surprise, since it was new to me. by this time it was very hot (30+ degrees) and the place to hose down boats brought welcome relief.
Jeremy managed a sub 5, not bad, knowing that the bike was 100+k, the wind very strong and the run undulating and off road for half the distance.
this event has great potential. it was great to race a low key event. how about making this a yearly event in this form?

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