Quadrathon Results

3 03 2014


What a beautiful day for the Marlborough Quadrathon yesterday!

Although the field for the Quadrathon was smaller than usual the numbers
were boosted by a dozen swimmers competing in the Open Water swim over either
800m or 2400m.  It was really nice to see a wide spread of ages in the
race – the youngest was 10 and the oldest 5 decades her senior.

Paul Sell  lead the field out of the water to tag his kayaker in “The
Veterans” team, before returning to the water to complete the 2400m in
32.46. Very close behind him was Tom Moore (“Dave and Tom”)
who then had to transition to the kayak. Time that Tom spent removing
his wetsuit was made up in the kayak with him passing Ian Martella
(great paddle Ian in your novice year in lycra!) and tag his only team mate,
Dave Grono, a minute and a half ahead of “The Veterans”. Ray Dunstan
took the lead back in the cycle for the Veterans and left Dave adrift by
about 4 minutes by the time they arrived at Rarangi. Over the run to
Whites Bay and around the Black Jack Track Dave closed the deficit to
finish 37 seconds behind first time Coast to Coaster Michael Fitzpatrick.

Dave and Tom took out the unofficial Corporate Teams race ahead of the Vavasour
Wines team of Brad Newton, Stu Marfell, Susan van der Pol and Hamish Smith.

Although the racing was not as close amongst the women’s teams there was a
good turn out from the ladies, with the majority of the teams being either
women’s or mixed teams, and some good times in the various legs. Well done
to Emily Marfell, the only one gutsy enough to compete as an individual. You
rock Emily!

Thanks to everyone who had fun out there today, and the race officials and
those who help out with sponsorship – Mitchel Sports, Cycle World, Uncle Joes
and Ray Boardman at Quik Kiwi.





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