Marlborough Quadrathon 15 March 2015

17 02 2015

Quadrathon 2015 RESULTS

Update: Quadrathon Pre Race Briefing 2015

The Marlborough Quadrathon is on Sunday March 15th.

This long running event has been a favourite race amongst the die hard multisporters , the keen but not-so-committed mutisporters, and those who only swim, kayak, bike or run for over 30 years.

The distances of 800m swim, 8km kayak, 30 km Cycle and 8km run take the event from the start in Waikawa Bay to the finish at Whites Bay. It is an achievable event for those wanting to complete the whole thing as an individual or a really fun event for you to do with your mates or work colleagues. Or make it a competitive bragging rights event and challenge another team to a duel. Teams can be 2, 3 or 4 person.

For further info check out the entry form and if you’ve still need more info phone or email Andrea 03 5784767 or

Download an entry form:  Quadrathon 2015 entry Form




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