Tuesday Kayak Sprints Race Report

26 10 2016


Kayak Sprint Results 25 November 2016

In near perfect conditions Tuesday night, kayak sprints were held at the Blenheim rowing club. Tide was outgoing with a slight Nor West wind and a slight ripple on the water. River flow was approx. 50 cumecs which made for fast racing times. Time keeping was Tim McFarlane and Ian MacAlpine  

Girls started first, with some close finishes between all three in the 200 meter sprints with Abbie doing well in her first race. Carol I’m sure you won’t mind me telling everyone you were trying that hard you had a swim in your fourth heat. 

Next up was the mens multisport with a mixture of multisport boats and skis. Murray Gane showed his cunning that comes with age (Grandad) with some good finishes, whilst Thomas showed that his latest training paid off especially in the longer 500-meter discipline. Mike Pike shared the “submarine award” with Carol having a swim in his 3rd heat. Some close times across the board with even the 69 year old Martella being competitive. Dave Bullivant pulled out the power in the short race but was out manoeuvred in the longer version.

In the k1 section, Paul Bourgeois and Matt Loveridge showed why they are some of NZs best paddlers with an awesome display of power and technique. Marty and Nick Webby hatched a plan that pulled them back with some start line readjustments with and a handicap being applied to Matt and Paul, it made for some exciting and close racing. Well done to Matt having started back in his boat after a recent injury.

 Well done to all racers for competing, hopefully we might see FATS [AKA Dave Fernandez] back along with some of the school kids which would be great.

Next sprint racing to be Tuesday November 22nd at 17:00 hours, some volunteers will be required for time keeping duties.





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