Twin Rivers Kayak Race 2017

21 08 2017

2017 Results

Junior.1 Edan Fitzpatrick 2:00:08 Open Men. 1 Reid Forrest 1:38:17 2 Thomas Walsh 1:53:54 Open Women 1 Hannah Johnston 2:07:04 K1 1 Dave Fernandez 1:45:31 Vets 1 Ian Martella 1;46:56 2 Michael Fitzpatrick 2:00:05 Masters 1 John Blackmore 1:45:40 2 Mark Bryant 1:54:30 Classics 1 Keith Alderson 1:51:01 Double Ski Nick and Carole Webby 1:45:01017 Results


The Twin Rivers Kayak race  is on Saturday 16 September 2017 from the Blenheim Rowing Sheds to Riverside Park in Blenheim. The 20km flat water race is one of the club’s oldest races and is always popular with local and away paddlers who are keen to kick start their summer season or make the most of the effects of the hard work training in the dark over winter.

The course is 5km down the Wairau River and then 15 km up the Opawa River assisted by the incoming tide.

Download an entry form here:

Twin Rivers Kayak Race Entry Form 2017

For further information contact:  Nick Webby 0277157717 or Marty Martella 0272299077




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