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Life Members

The club has awarded a select few of its members with Life Membership for their dedication and committment.

These Life Members are:

Lyndsay Norriss: Lyndsay was awarded his Life Membership in 1999 for over 10 years of active involvement in the MMSC. Lyndsay was our club President for 4 years, and he also faithfully wrote the newsletter for 7 years.

Gill Smith: In 2002 Gill was awarded Life Membership to the MMSC for her dedication to the club. Gill stood on our committee for many years and took an active role in teaching new kayakers technique and white water skills. She also raced competively, participating in both local and national events.

Warren McHugh: Warren was awarded his Life Membership in 1998 due to his immense contribution in sponsorship to the MMSC continuously over many years. It was due to Warren’s dedication that members associated the post-race bananas and drinks with McHughs Super Value.

Colin Currie: Colin’s Life Membership was awarded to him in 2002 for his involvement with junior triathletes, duathletes and multisport athletes at both Marlborough Boys College, Marlborough Girls College and our club. He assisted MBC triathlon and duathlon teams to win the NZSS title on no less than 7 occassions, with 4 of these being consecutive. Between 1994 and 1999, the colleges’ triathletes, duathletes and multisport athletes were also placed in the top 5 at NZSS Championships at least 36 times.

Todd Neal: Todd was awarded his Life Membership at the 2006 MMSC Christmas dinner. He was awarded this honour for his long standing service on the committee as a Triathlon representative.

Denis Jacques: In 2008 Denis was awarded Life Membership for his committment to the club since the beginning. This included being on the committee for 9 years, serving as president for two years, and running many events for several years including the Quadrathon, Portage and Twin Rivers.


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